FRCF Testimonials

Hear from our members and the CrossFit community.

When I look at the CrossFit community and the best coaches/programs out there, Skip Miller and Front Range are always at the top of my mind. They consistently produce great teams and individuals, and more importantly, the ethos echoed by his athletes speaks volumes about their character. They have fun, support each other and compete their asses off. Well done Skip and team, you have created something pretty incredible out there.

CJ Martin

FRCF is the nicest CrossFit gym I have been to and I travel a lot. The people at FRCF are what really makes it a gym unlike any other.  Even though I haven’t been there for a while the fitness foundations built at FRCF helped me have a pretty decent Cyclocross season for an old fat guy.


It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months since I started CF.  I want you both to know how much I appreciate FRCF, the coaches, and you.  I’ve never been much of an athlete — hard to believe, I know!  Seriously, I’ve always been the skinny, weak guy.  But I’ve done more with my body during these last 6 months than I ever thought possible.  And I feel awesome!  I look forward to working even harder at the gym and to another six months of blood, sweat, and tears at FRCF.


I have to tell you, I love FRCF.  I am having so much fun and I know that I’m better prepared both mentally and physically for life’s challenges.


Your judges and staff are top notch and you guys set the standard on how to run a CrossFit competition.  Again on the judges, each was a personal cheerleader and coach during the events – strict, but fair and encouraging.

Chad Schroeder

FRCF has changed my life!  I have gained so many things from joining your gym.  I feel more confident in everything I do, have been the fittest I’ve been since I was 18, gained more strength than I imagined I could, and have learned how to eat healthy and lose weight by making a lifestyle change, instead of a diet or diet pills.


Just 10 years after your first influence on my life, I will finally be competing in a triathlon. I won’t be riding a Surly nor competing in an Iron Man distance race, but riding an All-City Cycles fixed gear in a sprint distance. Every crank, stroke, and stride I will be reflecting on your profound influence on my life.

Ryan Banham

I can’t believe how awesome you guys are.  As a “fair-weather” gym goer (really more “fair-work” gym-goer) you guys have given me just as much encouragement and attention as those athletes who spend hours a day with you.  For that and so many other things, not only am I grateful, but touched.

Jen “Boots”

You are one heck of an o-lift instructor, your ability to break down and communicate the smallest details… amazing. Thank you, I’m excited.


I am speechless after your camp this weekend. You all put your heart and soul into running one amazing camp- so professional, organized, etc. Thank you for all you do.


I wanted to drop you a quick line to state my utmost appreciation and respect for the program you and Skip run at FRCF.  Your instruction, guidance, and training are truly a cut above the rest. Keep up the great work!

Molly Blomquist

For my first Ironman, Skip together a program ramping up my training in time for the race without risking over-use injuries.   I’m learning the Olympic lifts and at 36, I’m stronger now than when I was 22.

Jeff SadlerEndurance Athlete

CrossFit has changed my life in positive ways, not only physically, but also mentally. I feel strong enough to take on whatever comes my way and I love feeling that way. FRCF is my home and that means so much to me.

Karen RylanderThe Primal Kitchen

No one else can do what you guys do, and I feel lucky to be part of FRCF.

Being part of FRCF has dynamically improved my quality of life in this last year-and-a-half, and I believe it is due to the coaching and the positive community you and Jodi have built. Thank you for coaching and encouraging me, and helping me to believe in myself.


I hope all athletes at FRCF know and appreciate what they have. Jodi, Skip and all your coaches are amazing and your training facility is above and beyond the norm. Jodi and Skip have not only mentored me as a gym owner, but now as an athlete. I must say I wear a FRCF shirt with great pride.

Zionna Munez

The Summer Performance Camp was again a testament to the amazing feats the body can achieve when called upon. Thanks to the deft programming of Skip and Jodi and the execution of each and every athlete inside the gym this weekend, it leaves no doubt in my mind the expression “anything is possible” is one grounded in fact – one must only believe in it to benefit.

Matt Harutun

I learned a TON- about how to improve my performance as an athlete & coach, and how cool it can be to have a very strong affiliate “family”. I hope the FRCF members appreciate what they are a part of.

Thanks for welcoming, encouraging and teaching me. I look forward to working out with you again and wish you all the best. Cheers!

David Zink

No one outside the CF world would believe that you could take a group of 24 part-time athletes and challenge them with 4-5 WODs/day for four days and expect people to put up PRs in both strength & met-con domains for the duration, but that’s exactly what happened!  Superb coaching, coupled with the culinary skills of Karen, meant we were all able to not just survive the weekend, but thrive in a supportive, fun and productive atmosphere.

Dan Andrews

Thanks for hosting the class. As a rank amateur I was a bit apprehensive in signing up, but I was pleasantly surprised by the patience of the coaches and by the way the groups were broken out based on skill and ability.  I learned a ton and I’m looking forward to building on the excellent base that your team helped me develop.

Terry McCormick

I truly believe my fitness is at a higher level thanks to FRCF. Unfortunately, I do not have many times on athletic events to compare my fitness to. What I have is our timed workouts and my personal experiences on the Denver Fire Department and Colorado Task Force to compare my overall fitness; I have never felt better. The last few weeks are a true testament to this.

Sean Roeper

Many, many thanks to all of the dedicated FRCF members and the team leaders for the outstanding support during the “SEAL Hero Challenge”. You were all a true class act in honoring Petty Officer Danny Dietz. Thank you so very much for your hospitality friendly disposition! Skip, you run a top-notch operation and your team ensured the place was nothing but total energy.

Chief Chris Freischlag,

When I started out doing CrossFit with Skip I was in horrible shape. After just a couple months, I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. The results greatly improved my Kickboxing and
Jiu-Jitsu training, and I see improvement weekly. The design and format is the best workout that I have come across, which keeps me coming back for more punishment every night.

Barry Wellborn

Skip has not only been a big help with adding CrossFit to my workouts he is also an inspiration. He puts us through the workouts and he is right there next to us doing them, and pretty much beating everyone’s times. I strongly recommend to anyone to add CrossFit to your workout regime. Skip is a great CrossFit trainer, and a great friend. Skip, thanks for all of your help and support

Aaron RomeroProfessional MMA fighter

I am a BJJ Instructor and I am also a Pan American BJJ silver medalist so I am very familiar with different types of workout regimen.  Until starting CrossFit with Skip, I have never been this tired from a workout.  Since I started CrossFit with Skip I have improved my strength, agility, and my stamina tremendously. Thanks Skip for introducing me to CrossFit.
PS. I’m still sore.

Curtis HillBJJ Black Belt