Entries by Jodi Miller

ZA Training 2/1/16 Monday

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
power clean, 135 lbs
back squats, 135 lbs
After each exercise, 2 shots from the holster at 7 meters, then move quickly to the 3 meter target line, shooting a total of 4 more shots. Use only one target and shoot on the move. Every shot outside the A-Zone is 15 calories on the air dyne, performed after the workout, but with the clock still running.

CrossFit Workout 1/25/16 Monday

As many reps in 12 minutes of:
3 x pullups
overhead squats @ 60% of your max overhead squats

If you can do muscle-ups, please do them at a one-to-one ratio to the overhead squats.

You can choose to do the exercises in whatever rep scheme you wish. If you choose to do pullups, and are going to do 5 OHS per round, you must do 15 pullups before touching the bar again.
If you are doing muscle-ups, you only have to do 5 muscle-ups for the 5 OHS per round.

CrossFit Workout 10/6/15 Tuesday

Workout (start this at 40 past the hour)

As a team of two………
For time:
20 muscle-ups
20 ground to overhead, 165 lbs (115 lbs)
15 muscle-ups
15 GTO
10 muscle-ups
10 GTO
If you can’t do muscle-ups, please do 3 pullups per muscle-up rep. If you can’t do the prescribed weight, please use a weight that you can only do single reps.

Front Range CrossFit Do More Charity Challenge 2015

We are so proud of every athlete who participated in the Do More Charity Challenge!
We also want to say a special thank you to ALL of our sponsors. Whether you donated time, funds or goods we couldn’t have had such a successful event without you. Thank you!
Presenting Sponsor: Community Banks of Colorado