Work on your gymnastics skills with Coach Pete Mentz.

Are you looking to add a new dimension to your CrossFit workouts?  If so, the FRCF gymnastics class is for you. Skills include; tumbling basics, including forward and backward rolls, handstands and hand-walking.  It is, after all, difficult to complete a handstand push-up without a good handstand. We want you to feel more comfortable being up-side-down. You may even find yourself being spotted through a back flip! Count on spending time on the rings and bars practicing basic swing mechanics, muscle-up progressions and glide kips. Pete can take advanced athletes through higher level techniques as needed.

Our goal is for you to improve your balance and body awareness, as well as improve skills that you can immediately use in your CrossFit workouts.  

Pete received his formal gymnastic training from Joe Greco, and later the infamous pair of Mr. Andrew Felice and Abraham “Gabe” Gabriel. Mr. Felice accumulated an overall gymnastic team record at Henninger High School of 212-12 with over 100 consecutive CNYCL victories.

Pete spent several years coaching under George Sabatka at the longstanding Westside Gymnastic School in central NY.  It would be difficult to count the numerous gymnastic scholarships Mr. Sabatka helped students to earn.

We are very fortunate to have Pete as our gymnastics coach at FRCF. Please take advantage of this opportunity and seek his knowledge and experience to better your skills.