CrossFit 11/30/19 Saturday

15:00 to

Warm your clean and jerk up to 80% of your max lift

Practice your pulling movement of choice

Do a few lunges

CrossFit Workout
32:00 EMOM
A 5 clean and jerks
B Your choice of pulling
C 10 bar facing burpees+10 dumbbell lunges 50/35 (total) (:45 cap)
D :15-:30 ring pushup plank

After 3 rounds, drop to 3 clean and jerks. After 6 rounds, drop to 1.

Score is total weight successfully lifted

Pulling options*
1 max unbroken strict pullups
2 1-3 strict ring muscle ups
3 1-2 rope climbs
4 10-15 bent over rows 2×50/35

1:00 forearm smash/side

Coach’s Note
Get heavy on that clean and jerk! For the pulling options, pick the one that you’re worst at that you can actually do, and get better. The burpee lunge combo is going to be a push to finish. Then the ring plank you’ll have to learn how to recover while you’re holding. If you break on the plank, you’re done for the minute.

1:00 Row
:30 rest
x 12 rounds

Do these at your goal 3k pace.

T2B Volume
10 rounds
9 unbroken toes to bar