CrossFit 11/4/19 Monday

Do iron scap, then:
4 rounds/12:00 of
3 Power snatches up to strength weight
8 russian swings up to workout weight
:20 side plank/side

Every :90 for 6 rounds
2 Power snatch
All at 80-85% of max power snatch

Then, do a tabata of pushups
8 rounds of :20 max reps, :10 rest

CrossFit Workout
10 russian kb swings 24/16
10 burpees

Rx+ 28/20

1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 glute roll/side

Coach’s Note
This one is simple and sweet. It should take in that 7-10 minute range. If you can go faster than 7:00, use the rx+weight. The swings should be unbroken. Hold yourself accountable on getting off the ground for the burpees. For the pushup tabata, I care more about good reps than total number. Make them perfect.

Structural Work
RDLs @ 55-60% of your deadlift
Bench press @80%

On the 2:00 start 10 rounds
A 1:00 bike
B 15 box jump overs