CrossFit Workout 1/21/20 Tuesday

Warmup/Core Work start this at 10:00
Do the kettlebell warmup, then:

10 dumbbell seated cuban press, slow and controlled
50 banded pullaparts

CrossFit Workout start this at 25:00
8 rounds of each movement (24:00 total)
:30 max reps, :30 rest
A burpees
B kb snatches 20/12 (all on one side, alternate sides each round)
C elevated situps

rx+ ghds, 24/16

Cooldown start this at 52:00
1:00 pec smash
1:00 banded bully stretch

Coach’s Note
Score is total reps. Try to get the same score for each movement every round. For the KB snatches, you’re doing all of them on one side in a :30 period, then switch sides the next time they come back up. Pick a weight that you can do unbroken the whole time.

Gymnastics Volume Work
20×4 unbroken strict hspu

for perfect form and quality, not time