CrossFit Workout 10/1/19 Tuesday

10:00 of:
Field drills (high knees, butt kicks, etc)
10 GHD side bends/side
30 DU or du practice

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds of:
5 vups
5 db front squats up to workout weight
150 run

CrossFit Workout
60 DU
400m run
20 Vups
10 DB Front Squats 2×45/30

Every trip on the DU run a 150
50/35 for DBs

Coach’s Note
This one should be in that 20-25:00 range. For the double unders, think no more than :90/round to finish them. The squats should be unbroken. I think someone might be able to sneak in just under the 19:00 mark, but you’ll have to push the early runs to do it.

4 rounds
Bike 5:15 at a 70% effort
Sprint for :05-:10 (until the first moment RPMs start to drop, :10 cap)
then right back to the next 5:15 block.
Never let your RPMs drop below your lowest RPMs in the first 5:15

After your last round, do another 5:15 but don’t sprint at the end.