CrossFit Workout 10/10/19 Thursday

For those of you that have met Ryan, it’s his last day today. He’s headed back to Boston to embark on a new career as a lawyer. As a thank you for being such a great member, here’s Ryan’s going away workout!

1 warmup today
3 rounds
10 russian kb swings 24/16
10 pushups
10 hollow rocks

then, do the barbell warmup and spend until 25 minutes left in class warming up your power clean to something very heavy for you.

CrossFit Workout
5:00 AMRAP, 3:00 rest
40/32 cal row buyin
then AMRAP in remaining time
5 power cleans 135/95
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

30/24 cal row
then AMRAP
5 Power cleans 185/125
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

20/16 cal row
then AMRAP
5 Power cleans 225/155
10 pushups
15 abmat situps

Coach’s Note
This is a heavy workout! If you cannot do RX weight, go about 60/75/90% of your 1rm power clean. The last weight should be the heaviest weight you can clean with good form under fatigue. If you really care about the open workout on Friday, do the buyin row and one round of the AMRAP at a hard pace, then get back on the rower for the remainder of the 5:00 and just move easy.