CrossFit Workout 10/12/19

Do 3 rounds of:
5 back squats up to workout weight
5 double kb cleans
A round of the pullup warmup

CrossFit Workout
With a partner
One person holds 2 kettlebells in the front rack 2×16/12 while the other person works

Back Squats 135/95
Abmat situps

14/10/6 muscle ups instead of pullups

Lift (in class)
On an 18:00 running clock:
3 giant sets, :90 rest in between sets
10 Total Back rack reverse lunges, building
10 chest supported dumbbell rows
20 banded external rotations

Every 2:00 for 12 rounds, alternating
A Row 18/13 cals
B 20/13 cal assault bike