CrossFit Workout 10/2/19 Wednesday

Spend 12:00 warming up to 90% of your lowest lift out of power clean, and hang power clean. Jerk every warmup lift.

In between the first 4 rounds, do 4 burpee box jumps

Every 3:00 for 6 Rounds, all at or above 90% of your lowest lift
In the order you choose
3 rounds 1 Power clean and jerk (any style on the jerk)
3 rounds 1 Hang Power clean and jerk

Try to order these so that you can build the whole time.

CrossFit Workout
5 Rounds with a 10:00 cap of
9 Power Cleans 155/105
9 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

Rx+ 185/125

Coach’s Note
This workout should be pretty heavy, the heaviest weight you can string quick singles together at. The winning move here is to keep moving on the movement you’re worse at and try and push on the movement you’re good at. It is NOT jump over, so stand up all the way.

On a 30:00 running clock
3:00 easy movement (70ish%)
10 banded external rotations/arm
10 pvc pass throughs