CrossFit Workout 10/30/19 Wednesday

Every :90 for 8 total rounds
A 25 pullovers with a partner (each)
B 5 very slow kb windmills/side

Workout Warmup
12:00 of
5 db power cleans to workout weight
5 plank rows up to workout weight
2 stone shoulder up to workout weight
15 banded hamstring curls

CrossFit Workout
15:00 AMRAP
10 double db power cleans 2×35/25
25 abmat situps
10 total plank rows 2×35/25
2 stone shoulder 115/95

25 pvc passthroughs

Coach’s Note
You should be able to keep moving through this whole workout. If anything is too heavy to do unbroken, drop the weight. The situps may start to get hard to keep unbroken, but that’s ok. The power cleans are all the way to the ground.