CrossFit Workout 11/23/19 Saturday

Do all of crossover symmetry, then

Warm the snatch complex up to 70% of max squat snatch

After the first 3 rounds, do 5 empty bar sotts presses

On the 2:00 start x 6 rounds
1 Snatch pull+2 High Hang Squat Snatch+1 Snatch from the ground
@70% of max squat snatch

Then, 3 rounds, :90 rest in between rounds
10-20 perfect pushups
10 strict chinups/negatives. Add weight if you can
10 db romanian deadlifts @ 3111

CrossFit Workout
10 RFT
4 alternating db snatches 50/35
2 burpee box step overs 50/35. 20/16

rx+ 70/50

1:00 calf smash/side
1:00 pec smash/side

Coach’s Note
This one should be very grindy. You should never have to stop, but the burpee box step overs will be awkward with only one dumbbell. Put your head down and push through, it’s only 2 reps/round.

Accessory Work
OHS 8×2@65%
Be Fast.

then, 3×10/leg russian step up

Gymanastics Volume
22 sets of 4 unbroken chest to bar

make these perfect

then 1×30 unbroken kipping swings

5:25 easy bike
:05-:10 sprint
4 rounds
5:25 to finish