CrossFit Workout 11/25/19 Tuesday

6am, 9am, and 12-2 are canceled tomorrow.

Core circuit warmup:
3 rounds. 1:00 at each station, :30 rest between each station this week
Star plank (:30/side)
Hollow Rocks
Seated Pike ups

Workout Warmup
Go through an empty bar clean progression, then

5 rounds of
2 cleans up to something kind’ve heavy
5 box jumps

CrossFit Workout
Alternating EMOM for 20:00
A :15 max rep power cleans Start at 95/65 and add 10 pounds every round/alternate 5 and 10 pounds for girls
B 8 box jumps (:30 cap)

Score is reps of the cleans.
You’re going to add 90 pounds for guys and 65 pounds for girls, so if 185/130 is too much for a last weight, adjust accordingly.

Rx+ start at 135/95

2:00 calf smash/side

Coach’s Note
This one is going to start off feeling too easy, and by the end your hamstrings will be cooked. You should be able to hang on to the bar for all :15 for at least half of the rounds. The box jumps should be unbroken every round in the sense that you never have to stop moving.

4:00 Bike
4:00 Shuttle Run
4:00 Ski
4:00 Row
x2 rounds, at 70% effort. Do this fasted if you can.

Every transition, do 12 GHD situps, including the end