CrossFit Workout 11/27/19 Wednesday

Do all of crossover symmetry, then:

5 rounds
3 bench press @ 3111 up to 55%
5 reps of the toe to bar progression

Toe to bar progression is:
1 Kip swings
2 Kipping Levers
3 Kipping Knee raises
4 Kipping leg raises
5 Kipping toe to bar

Bench Press
x5@ 57.5,62.5,67.5
Superset with 12 false grip ring rows (so 6×12)

then 3 sets of:
12 kb front rack split squats/leg @ 3111
12 back extensions @ 3111

CrossFit Workout
12 wallballs 20/14 to 10 feet
12 toes to bar
15/12 cal row

rx+ is 15 of everything, 18/15 on the cals

3:00 nasal breathing with your legs on the wall

Coach’s Note
If you can keep the wallballs and toes to bar unbroken, this one will take about 10:00, maybe a bit quicker if you’re good on the rower/transitions. It should not take longer than 15 minutes. Pick a wallball weight where unbroken reps is doable. The toes to bar should be no more than 3 sets each round. If you can’t do toes to bar, do kipping knee raises. The row should be around a minute each time.

Olympic Work
Do this with Jodi if you can.

1 Clean pull+2 High Hang Squat Clean+1 squat clean and jerk from the ground
6 sets @75% of max squat clean and jerk

3×12 db front squats for perfect form

5:45 easy bike
:05-:10 sprint
4 rounds
5:45 to finish