CrossFit Workout 11/7/19 Thursday

8:00 EMOM
A 5 staggered stance good mornings/side
B :30 hollow rocks

Workout Warmup
4 rounds
3 rdls up to starting weight
10 russian twists
1:00 bike

CrossFit Workout
21:00 EMOM
A 3 RDLs. Start at 135/95 and add 10 pounds every round. Ladies, once it starts getting heavy, add 5.
B 20 russian twists 16/12
C :30 bike for calories

25 pvc pass throughs
15 mckenzie pushups

Coach’s Note
Score is weight for the RDLs and calories on the bike. Feel free to adjust the starting weight of the RDLs up or down to get to something that feels heavy. The bike should be sustainable. The twists are total, and they should be unbroken.