CrossFit Workout 12/7/19 Saturday

10:00 EMOM
A 1 wall walk+ :20 wall facing hs hold
B 1 snatch pull+ 2 high hang squat snatches+1 squat snatch up to 60%

1 Snatch pull+2 High Hang Squat Snatch+1 Snatch from the ground
4 sets @60% of max squat snatch
Go on the 2:00 start

Then, 3×15 plank rows

Then spend a few minutes practicing/warming up kipping, du and ring dips

CrossFit Workout
For time
Ring dips
Toes to bar
DU x 5

Rx+ ring dips must be from the high rings

1:00 forearm smash/side
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
This one should take around 12-15 minutes. If it takes you longer than 18, something is wrong. You should be able to do the gymnastics in no more than 2 sets on every rung. The DU should be mostly unbroken.

Accesory lift
8×2 @70%

Every 2:00 alternating for 12 rounds
a 15 supinated strict pullups
b 15 db romanian deadlifts
c 10 lat pulldown
d 15 russian step ups/side (light/no weight, super explosive)

5×6:00 bike
:05-:10 sprint
after the last bike, 6:00 again but no sprint