CrossFit Workout 6/24/19 Monday

9:00 EMOM
A: 1 Empty bar round of DT
B: :30 of natural leg extensions
C 10 light double kb z-presses

4 Rounds of each (clean+front squat; handstand hold) alternating on the :90 start
A 3 Cleans+ 8 Front Squats: Last Front Squat, :20 hold before you stand up. build as you’re able
B Handstand hold work
L1: AMSAP wall facing hold
L2: :20-:30 wall facing hold
L3: 1:00 to accumulate as many seconds in a freestanding hs hold as possible

3 Rounds of 3 DL, 2 HPC, and 1 Push Jerk up to DT weight.

CrossFit Workout
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerk


8:00 cap

Pick a weight that lets you get after this one.

Coach’s Note
DT should be fast, but it doesn’t need to be unbroken. My favorite strategy is 11 deadlifts, drop, unbroken on the HPC and Push Jerks. Some of you may be able to go fast with even more breaks. Everyone should finish under the time cap–it’s there to make you pick a weight that lets you go fast. For the strength, the pause is before you stand the last rep up. Focus on building incredible positions in the bottom of your front squat. For those of you that are hyper mobile in the bottom of your squat, pause a bit above your bottom position.

4 Rounds:
3:00 Row, :80 rest

Snatch Battery Work
Every 8:00 for 2 rounds
5 Snatches @75%
4 Snatches @79%
3 Snatches @83%
2 Snatches @87%
1 Snatch @91%

1 bar, athletes change their own weight.