CrossFit Workout 6/25/19 Tuesday

7:00 of
10 scap pullups+10 kip swings
5 double kb cleans, light weight
10 situps/ghds
1:00 easy bike or row

Workout Warmup
2 Rounds
5 T2B
150 carry (first half front rack, second half farmers) up to wow
150 run
1 rope climb or 3 strict pullups

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 27:00 cap:
50/40 cal row
40 medball situps (above head, in front of feet)
400m run
150 kb front rack carry 2×20/12
50/40 cal bike
40 T2B
20 strict pullups
150m farmer’s carry 2×20/12

50/40 cal row
50 GHDs
400m run
150 Front rack carry 2×20/12
50/40 cal bike
50 T2B
5 Rope climbs
150m farmer’s carry 2×24/16

Coach’s Note
This one will be a long one! Other than maybe the T2B, nothing should take longer than 3 minutes for one section. The carries should be unbroken. If you can’t do strict pullups today, do banded strict pullups. If you can do rope climbs, but not strict pullups, do 5 rope climbs instead of banded pullups.

Midline Work
:30 ghd hollow hold
10 glute ham raises
4 rounds

Gymnastics volume work
8×3 ring muscle up

1 Strict RMU
10 feet elevated ring rows in a false grip