CrossFit Workout 6/26/19 Wednesday

12:00 EMOM
A 3 Muscle snatches
B 3 db snatches+3 burpee box jumps
C 3 slow first pull snatches (use the style you’ll use for the strength)

Use the snatches to get up to 65%

Every 3:00 for 3 rounds
2 Snatches (drop and reset)+2 Hang Snatches between 65-75% of your 1rm
10 Nordic HS curls

Pick the style of snatch (squat/power) that will let you use your heaviest 1rm to base off of

CrossFit Workout
6 alternating db snatches 50/35
6 burpee box jumps

Rest 1:00
Go again, go faster

Score is total time
8/8 reps.

Coach’s Note
The snatches should be pretty light. Focus on form and explosiveness. The workout should be FAST. 1:00 isn’t enough time to totally reset, so hold back a little bit in the first 5 rounds. Think 85%, then 95% effort. I think it’s possible to finish the whole thing, including rest, in under 6:00. If it takes you longer than 5:00 to do 5 rounds, scale whatever is taking you the longest.

Power Work
On the 6:00 Start
1:00 Bike for cals.
This should hurt.

Olympic Strength
3×1 Clean and jerk@ 75%
3×1 clean and jerk @80%