CrossFit Workout 8/30/19 Friday

Do the barbell warmup, then:
9:00 EMOM
A A round of the pullup warmup
B 150 run
C 3 strict press from the floor up to starting strength weight. 3012 for the tempo, hold til :40 on the last rep

Every 2:00 for 8 total alternating rounds
A 5 strict press, building, @ 3012 (start a bit heavier than last week). Take this from the ground
B 1 big set of kipping toe to bar+ max hanging n/l-sit

CrossFit Workout
10-1 of
power cleans 135/95
pull-ups, chest to bar if you can
150 run after each round including the finish

Coach’s Note
This workout will be grippy! The cleans should be moderate (50-60%) and the pullups should never take more than 2 sets. This one should take somewhere between 10-15 minutes… Although I think someone will sneak in around 9:00.

Gymnastics Density Work
20 rounds on the :55 start
0-5 min 5 strict hspu
5-10 min 10 kipping hspu
10-15 min 25 foot unbroken hs walk
15-20 :10 bottom of hspu hold, :10 top of hs hold

8 rounds
500m row
:30 rest

Keep these sustainable