CrossFit Workout 8/5/19 Monday

Happy Birthday Alex!

10:00 EMOM
A 1 rep of the complex up to 75%
B :15 handstand hold+ 1 pistol or 3 lunges/leg

3 Rounds on the 2:00 start
1 clean liftoff+1 power clean+1 front squat. Start @80% and build as you can. This one should get heavy.

Then, do a few strict hpsu and pistols

Alex’s Birthday Workout
On a 22:00 running clock

29 BJO buyin, then:
400m run
8 Strict HSPU
8 Pistols

In remaining time, find a heavy power clean.

Coach’s Note
This one is going to be tricky. Lots of stuff that you can blow up on and not be able to finish. If you can’t do pistols, do 8 open style dumbbell front rack lunges 2×50/35. Make sure that you have a weight you know you can hit loaded on the bar.

Plyo and core work
4×1 seated box jump. Build to a height you can land with fairly straight legs.
3×1 weighted box jump 2×40/30

:30 banded clamshell/side x 4 rounds

Snatch Work
2×3 @ 71%
2×2 @81%
2×1 @ 86%

12 Rounds
:45 run/ :15 off