CrossFit Workout 9/10/19 Tuesday

10:00 for quality
:60 side plank clamshell hold/side (accumulated) (holding in the open position)
:30 side plank adductor hold/side
20 paused goblet squats with band around knees
3 broad jumps, reset in between
Spend the rest of the time practicing pistols or doing single leg wall sits.

12:00 EMOM 1 back squat up to something heavy

You must start this with an empty bar
First few rounds, also do a few front squats

CrossFit Workout/Ski Prep/Squat Battery
20:00 EMOM
3 Front squats @45% of back squat heavy for the day
First 6 rounds with a 3 second descent (no pause)
Second 6 Rounds with a 3 second pause in the bottom (normal descent)
Last 8 rounds normal tempo

Do not add weight. If it feels too light, move the weight faster on the way up.

Coach’s Note
This workout obviously has more to do with control and leg stamina than breathing hard. Make sure that you are moving perfectly. Try to accelerate out of the hole on the way up every time. On the back squat, take fairly big jumps so that you can get heavy, but prioritize speed and technique over all.

DU Accuracy and Endurance Work
Must be unbroken to count. 500 DU max
100 DU
75 DU
50 DUx 2 sets
25 DUx 3 sets

Aerobic Work
Do this fasted if possible
14:00 Row
14:00 Bike
14:00 Ski or Run

All at 70% intensity