CrossFit Workout 9/12/19 Thursday

4 Rounds of:
1 length bounding bear crawl
1 length field drills (high knees, butt kicks, etc)

Sandbag practice
4 rounds
50m sandbag carry, different style each round

  1. over one shoulder
  2. over both shoulders
  3. zercher style
  4. Whichever style you liked

After each round, get :15-:30 in a GHD hollow hold

CrossFit Workout
550 sandbag carry blue/pink
25 abmat situps
400 sandbag carry
25 abmat situps
300 sandbag carry
25 abmat situps
150 sandbag carry
You may carry the bag anyway that you like, just get it the full distance.

If you can do GHDs, do them. If you’re newer, do 10 GHDs every round.