CrossFit Workout 9/17/19 Tuesday

10:00 of:
Partner assisted hs walking
3 strict hspu (or 3 negatives)
:30 hollow hold

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
5 Deadlifts up to your heaviest workout weight
3 reps of each pressing movement
10/7 cal row

CrossFit Workout
4:00 AMRAP
21 Deadlifts 155/105
21 Pushups
21/18 Calorie Row

Rest 4:00

4:00 AMRAP
15 Deadlifts 185/125
15 Ring dips
15/12 Cal row

Rest 4:00

4:00 AMRAP
9 Deadlifts 225/155
9/6 Cal Row

Rx+ Goes:
HSPU, Strict HSPU, 50 foot hs walk
Weights go

Coach’s Note
This workout is basically “can you finish a round by hauling from the start” Try to do the RX movements, but if you can’t, find the closest sub (jumping ring dips, hspu to an abmat, etc.) The deadlifts should be challenging to go unbroken, but not impossible.

Plyo volume work
20:00 EMOM
A 40 DU
B 7 Burpee box jump overs

Polarization work
4 rounds
Bike 3:00 at a 70% effort
Sprint for :05-:10 (until the first moment RPMs start to drop, :10 cap)
Never let your RPMs drop below your lowest RPMs in the first 3:00

After your last round, do another 3:00 but don’t sprint at the end.