CrossFit Workout 9/18/19 Wednesday

10:00 for quality
:70 side plank clamshell hold/side (accumulated) (holding in the open position)
:40 side plank adductor hold/side
20 goblet squat pulses with the band around your knee
3 broad jumps, reset in between

Spend any time you have left practicing pistols or doing :30 alternating single leg wallsits

12:00 EMOM 1 back squat up to something heavy

Start this from your very first warmup weight
First few rounds, also do a few front squats

CrossFit Workout
20:00 EMOM 3 Front squats @ 50% of what you hit for your back squat
First 6 with a 3 second descent
Next 6 with a 3 second pause
Last 8 as fast as good technique allows

Coach’s Note
If you go up significantly in the back squat weight, only add a max of 20/10 pounds from last week. Move perfectly.

Gymnastics Practice
Accumulate 40 perfect pistols

Do 10 rounds of:
5 barbell glute bridges (heavy)
5 split squat rock backs/side

32:00 Row nice and easy
Every 4:00, get off and do either a :30 hollow hold or a :30 arch hold