CrossFit Workout 9/3/19 Tuesday

10:00 of
150 row
A round of the pullup warmup
10 empty bar thrusters
1 wall walk/ 10 foot hs walk

Skills Testing
3:00 AMRAP
Unbroken sets of 5 pullups. Do chest to bar if you can get more than 5 sets.

rest 3:00

3:00 amrap
wall walks. Do 25 foot hs walk segments if you can.

Then, hit a few rounds of 5 thrusters and :30 row, then hit the workout

CrossFit Workout
Row cals
Thrusters 95/65

Coach’s Note
This workout is terrible if you start out too hot. Pace the early rows, and break the thrusters judiciously. When you get into the round of 15, hit the gas and finish strong.