CrossFit Workout 9/30/19 Monday

8:00 EMOM
A 5 OHS with a 3 second pause up to workout weight
B 10 wide grip scap pullups+10 wide grip kip swings

Then, Every :90 for 5 Rounds, do some level of RMU practice
Level 1 1:00 of banded RMU transitions
Level 2: :30 of hip to ring kipping swings, then rest, then try 1 RMU
Level 3: 2 Perfect RMU

Workout Warmup
4 Rounds
3 OHS at workout weight
3 strict pullups
3 kipping chest to bar

RX+ do 1 or 2 strict rmu and 1 or 2 kipping rmu

CrossFit Workout
OHS 135/95

OHS 185/125

Coach’s Note
It’s a trap! 🙂 This workout should be pretty heavy for OHS (definitely over 50% of your max). This workout should make you take some risks in terms of holding onto a bigger set or heavy bar longer than you want to. If these are unbroken loads/reps for you, it should be a fran type workout. For most of us, 8-12 minutes and judicious breaks are where it’s at.

5 Rounds
Row 80/60 calories
rest 1:00