CrossFit Workout 9/6/19 Friday

In 7:00, warm up your snatch to about 50%.

Every :90 for 15 rounds, 1 snatch, any style.
Start at about 50%

Every make go up 10(if your projected max is over 180)/5 pounds (if under 180)
Every miss go down 5 pounds.

Find a max.

CrossFit Workout
Isabel at 60% of your heaviest lift.
30 Snatches for time, any style.
5:00 cap.
135/95 max.

Coach’s Note
Isabel should be FAST. It’s ok if 60% feels really light–just go faster. The fastest Isabel times in the world are right around a minute. If you go faster than that, then maybe we should’ve gone heavier… but that would be ludicrously impressive at almost any weight. 🙂