Workout of the Day

Warmup-start this at 10 past
12:00 to warm up your back squat to 85%

Lift-start this at 20 past
Back Squat
3×4 @85%
Last set, max reps

Then, do a few thrusters and toes to bar

CrossFit Workout-start this at 45 past
10:00 AMRAP
7 thrusters 95/65
7 toes to bar

rx+ 10 and 10

Cooldown-start this at 55 past
2:00 quad roll

Coach’s Note
These sets should be easy unbroken sets. I want you to get at least 5 rounds. I think that someone could certainly keep this an EMOM. If we can’t do toes to bar, do hanging knee raises. If the thruster weight isn’t unbroken, drop the weight.

Gymnastics Volume Work
3×8:00 EMOM
1st emom: 33% of max set of RMU
2nd emom: 33% of max set of BMU
3rd emom: 33% of max set of C2B

rest 5:00 in between EMOMs

CrossFit Workout 1/17/20 Friday

Warmupstart this at 10 past
Do the kettlebell warmup

then do the 10/10/10/10 rowing drills from big jon

Accesory workstart this at 20 past
4 giant sets for quality
10 single leg rdls/leg
:15 l sit
10 back extensions
10-15 GHDs

CrossFit Workout start this at 35 past
50/40 cal row
30 Russian kettlebell swings 24/16

No rx+. Go faster

Cooldown start this at 55 past
1:00 forearm smash/side

Coach’s Note
🙂 Who wants to sit in the suck for 15 minutes? You should be able to hang onto the swings unbroken for at least 1 round, and no more than 1 break in any round, so this one is going to come down to the row. If you’re going to do all of the swings unbroken, push that row pace. If we can’t do the calories in 3:30, scale the row down.

28:00 bike
Every 5:30 minutes, sprint for as long as you can maintain high output. after the 5th sprint, finish the 28:00 but don’t sprint again

CrossFit Workout 1/16/20 Thursday

Warmup-start this at 10 past
10:00 of:
3 clean and jerks at/up to opening weight
:45 easy movement

CrossFit Workout–start this at 25 past
Every 90 for 15 rounds
4 lateral burpees over the bar
1 Clean and jerk
Start at 95/65 and add 10/5 pounds/ round (guys/girls)

Ladies, every 3rd round (3,6,9,12,15) add 10 pounds instead of 5.

If you miss, drop 20/10 pounds and then stay there for the rest of the workout.

Rx+ Start at 165/105

Accesory Work start this at 45 past
10:00 of
5-8 Strict dips
10 half kneeling landmine presses/arm
:30 pallof press/side
20 side leaning lateral raises

Cooldown start this at 55 past
1:00 couch stretch/leg

Coaching Note
This one is going to have plenty of rest, so you’re going to get heavy. You may do any style of clean and jerk you like. It will demand precision under fatigue–one miss and you drop weight and stay there for the rest of the class. Today is heavy, but it’s not a maxout day–that will come in about 4 weeks.

Oly extra
Power snatch waves:

CrossFit Workout 1/15/20 Wednesday

Warmup-start this at 10:00 past
3 sets of
10/10/10/10 rowing drills
10m mixed carry
10 hollow rocks

CrossFit Workout-start this at 20:00 past
5 rounds for time of
500/450m row
50m mixed carry 24/16 (switch as desired)
25/17 cal bike
:30 hollow hold

Cooldown–start this at 55 past
3:00 of nasal breathing

Coach’s note
This one should be long and steady. If you want a lower intensity day, do the row and bike at around 70% effort level. If you’re feeling good, push the cardio and recover on the carry and hollow hold. 50m is down and back twice.

CrossFit Workout 1/14/20 Tuesday

Warmup–start this at 10 past
Every :90 for 8 rounds
A 4 Bench Press @ 3111 up to strength weight+ 4 dumbbell power cleans up to wow
B :45 of kipping chest to bar warm up and practice:

Round 1: 10 Kip swings
Round 2: 4-6 elevator kip swings
Round 3: 4-6 kipping pullups or box kipping pullups
Round 4: 4-6 kipping c2b or box c2b

If you are doing RMU, replace this with RMU warmup

Lift-start this at 25 past
Bench Press
3×4 @85%
last set, max reps

CrossFit Workout-start this at 40 past
12:00 AMRAP
10 strict press 75/55
8 chest to bar
6 dumbbell hang power cleans 2×50/35

rx+4 RMU

Cooldown-start this at 55 past
1:00 pec smash/side
1:00 heart opener

Coach’s Note
The strict press should be light enough to go unbroken for a few rounds. The chest to bar should be a moderate amount–no more than half of your max set. If we can’t do chest to bar, scale to regular pullups or something challenging for you in the pulling department. The dumbbells should be awkward and somewhat annoying to keep unbroken. The average in this one will be around 5 rounds. I think that someone might be able to get 7 full rounds done.

15:00 bike @ about 85-90% of your 10:00 test average RPM

This should feel like a 90% effort level–not a test.

CrossFit 1/13/20 Monday

Warmupstart this at 10 past
4 rounds of increasing effort
10/7 cal bike
10 hollow rocks
:30 goblet squat hold (increase weight each round)
20 double unders
rest :60

Start easy, get pretty hard by the 4th round

Plyo Workstart this at 25 past
6 rounds of:
1 broad jump, as far as possible
rest :60-:90 in between jumps

Then do a few more box jumps and squats

CrossFit Workout start this at 35 past
For time:
60/42 cal bike
50 elevated situps 12/8
40 box jump overs 24/20
30 goblet squats 32/24

Rx+28/24 bjo

Cooldown start this at 55 past
2:00 of sciactic nerve flossing

Coach’s Note
This one will test your ability to keep moving as the leg fatigue gets progressively worse. The fastest people should come in somewhere in the 10 minute range, while most of us will be in the 12-15 minutes range. The bike should not take longer than 5:00, and the situps and squats should be no more than 3 sets.

6 Rounds
3:00 row
2:00 rest

CrossFit Workout 1/11/19 Saturday

Pick the version that is your weakest link
3:00 AMRAP of:

:10 top support hold
:05 bottom support hold
1 strict ring dip

Spend 10:00 warming up your stone shoulder, box jumps, and dumbbell snatches

CrossFit Workout
2:00 amrap/2:00 off for 8 total rounds
A 40 DU+10 alternating dumbbell snatches 35/25
B 3 stone shoulder 115/75+max row calories


3:00 of nasal breathing

Accesory Work
5×10 pistol switches
25m bearhug carry in between sets (stone/sandbag/dball)

Warmup: Start this at 10 past
4 rounds of increasing effort:
4 back squats up to strength weight
6 single arm kb fr lunges (total)
8 vups
1:00 row/bike/ski

rest 1:00 in between sets

This is a warmup, don’t turn it into a workout.

Lift Start this at 30 past
Back Squat
1×12 @65%

Move it perfectly, then move on.

CrossFit Workout Start this at 40 past
10:00 AMRAP
10 single arm kb fr lunges 16/12 right arm
12 vups
10 single armkb fr lunges 16/12 left arm
12 russian twists 16/12

rx+ 20/16

Cooldown start this at 55 past
1:00 banded lunge stretch
1:00 banded pigeon

Coach’s Note
I think that 4-5 rounds will be the average. It’s 10 lunges total each time. Do all of them on the right arm (alternating legs) for the first set, left arm for the second set. If the kb is too heavy to go unbroken on everything, drop the weight. The twists are L+R=1.

32:00 fasted row. Same speed the whole way–about 70% effort.

CrossFit Workout 1/9/19 Thursday

Do all of crossover symmetry

Supplemental Work
3 sets of:
10 half kneeling landmine presses/arm
50m waiter’s carry/arm
3-5 unbroken strict hspu or strict hspu practice
:30 pallof press/side

CrossFit Workout
Partition as desired, 35:00 cap
300/200 cal bike
100 pushups

rx+ 50 strict hspu

1:00 pec smash
1:00 foam roll with arms overhead

Coach’s Note
This is like the middle of Murph or 20.5— you can split it up however you want. Would NOT recommend doing it unpartitioned. I think for most people 10 rounds of 30/20 and 10 or 20 rounds of 15/10 and 5 would be the best choice. Can anyone hold 20 pushups unbroken and get it done in 5 rounds?

18 rounds of:
:15 run
:45 rest

If it’s too cold/icy to run, pick a machine.

CrossFit Workout 1/8/19 Wednesday

10:00 of:
Clean and Jerk/Sumo Deadlift warmup
10 bird dogs/side
:20 hollow hold

12:00 to accumulate, all at 65% of your lowest max
10 Power cleans
10 clean and jerks
30 Sumo deadlifts

You may touch and go, or do these as singles. Treat this as an opportunity to get good at lifting under mild fatigue

If you’re unsure what to do this at, 135/95-155/105 is probably a good range for most people.

CrossFit Workout
Front Squats
Toes to bar x 2


BMU (not x 2)

4:00 quad foam roll (total)

Coach’s Note
The front squats should be unbroken, but heavy. These are from the ground, but if your clean limits how heavy you can front squat, I would rather you go heavier from the rack than lighter from the ground. The toes to bar should be no more than 2 sets.

Cycling work
3×10 touch and go power snatches @ 55% of 1rm power snatch

rest as needed in between sets

if you can’t do 10 unbroken at 55, go as heavy as you can do 10 unbroken.